Elephant cow behaving unusually

Treating Elephant cow

The STS team in South Africa are quick to assist the local veterinarian in the examination of this Elephant cow on a reserve. An Elephant cow is a female Elephant. The cow is acting abnormally and has been for the last few months. It is expected that she has an injury either to her tusks,

STS crosses Crocodile infested waters to reach injured Elephant

Elephant with leg snare

The border police called ANAC about an Elephant that was seen on the Incomati River very close to the South African border, dragging a tree that was caught in a cable snare. The Saving the Survivors wildlife rescue team drove to the location, met with a group of local people that had been following the

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Saving the Survivors – Key Moments from 2018

Saving The Survivors against Rhino Poaching

January 2018 The White Bull and Her Calf The team had only just welcomed in the New Year when they were called out to this injured white rhino cow. Injured in a skirmish with a bull and with a young calf at her side the team treated the injury to her teat and a full