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Veterinary Courses

Elephant and Rhino Medicine Course

This course aims to provide an in-depth level of veterinary knowledge to professionals in the industry who have an interest in megaherbivore (Elephant and Rhinoceros) care. The course will consist of theoretical lectures, practical aspects and in-the-field clinical work with African Elephants and Rhinoceros. It is led by STS founder and head Veterinarian – Dr Johan Marias, who is world renowned for his field work, research, and clinical skills, and supported by Dr Gemma Campling who has many years of experience with African wildlife. This course is RACE accredited for 50 hours.


  • Gain confidence with clinical exams of Elephant and Rhino

  • Hands-on veterinary experience with megaherbivores in Africa

  • Guaranteed work with both Elephant and Rhino in the field

  • Learn immobilisation, sedation and anxiolytic drugs utilised for megaherbivores

  • Learn to plan and execute wildlife procedures by doing them with an experienced team

  • Enjoy additional activities like safari drives, bush walks, sundowners, and spending time in the wild.

  • Live and learn in one of the most beautiful areas of South Africa

Focusing on Elephant and Rhino (megaherbivore) physiology, capture, handling, medicine, and surgical intervention, delegates will enjoy lecture teaching, practical sessions, and learning from real wildlife work in South Africa. The week long course is broken down into 6 modules, one being covered each day. Each module has a practical aspect and is complimented by getting out in the bush to work with real cases.


To learn more and to register your interest in this course please visit our partner who manages this course by clicking here – VISIT WORLDWIDE VETS



  • AGE: 18 – 65 years old

  • Next course July 2025
  • QUALIFICATIONS: open to qualified vets and nurses. Veterinary students in 4th year or higher welcome. Nurse Students in 3rd year or higher welcome

  • RACE Accredited for 50 hours, CPD, CE