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Private Rhino Custodians


Due to countless decades of poaching of Rhino in National Parks, the vast majority of the world’s remaining Rhino are now in the hands of the Private Rhino Custodians (PRC’s). The Limpopo province has an estimated 6%-8% of the world’s Rhino population.

The substantial funds given to the Kruger National Park are not stemming the tide of Rhino poaching incidents and Private Rhino Custodians are losing the battle to keep their Rhino safe due to the enormous logistical and financial burdens they face.

The task of being custodians of Rhino has become significantly harder despite the increased importance of their role. Through this integrated support programme, Saving The Survivors aims to provide assistance to Rhino Custodians in order to protect our Rhino. The programme is designed with three phases in mind starting with immediate veterinary support for all endangered species within the programme area.

Limpopo will be the pilot of the programme, with hopes of ultimately supporting all PRC’s across South Africa.

  • To provide veterinary support to Rhino and any other endangered wildlife in PRC’s.
  • To provide medical support covering the costs of all related equipment, drugs, material etc.
  • To support the cost of operational expenses for animals (such as feed) under the care of PRC’s.
  • To help with fundraising for the PRCs using our marketing channels and network.
  • To raise awareness of the key issues facing the PRC’s.

This will be achieved through our extremely effective marketing and fundraising strategies which will require content from PRC’s for high degree of success. This content, consisting of film footage, photographs and writing based on the activities and happenings on the properties of PRCs will be provided by the Travelling Circus.


Through the fund-raising activities of STS, we will be able to support further initiatives in conjunction with the advice, recommendations and direction of the PRC’s.

Saving The Survivors aims to create awareness by:

  • Providing regular training courses to selected personal from the PRC and upskilling resources such as bush skills, survival and tracking.
  • Facilitating structured support for lobbying local and international government agencies for greater support for the PRC.
  • Committing to the continued emphasis on raising awareness for PRCs through the world press.

In addition to the PRC support, an environmental education program called the “STS Junior Rangers” is intended to equip young South Africans with a greater appreciation and understanding of the unique wildlife in their surrounding area through fun activities, interactive content and exciting field trips.


This innovative environmental program will offer selected young people from local communities around conservation properties the opportunity of a lifetime to engage more fully with the world around them.


PRC’s are invited to become involved with the program, as the potential exists to build relationships which may lay the foundations for future custodians of the region through the wildlife economy.