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Ford Wildlife Foundation Supports Saving the Survivors in Mozambique with New Ford Ranger

PRETORIA, South Africa, 2018 – The Ford Wildlife Foundation handed over a new Ford Ranger pickup truck to Saving the Survivors in Mozambique to support its efforts in attending to injured endangered wildlife that has fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents. The handover forms part of Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa’s (FMCSA) commitment


Saving the Survivors Partners with Project Red to Protect Endangered Wildlife [Press Release]

Saving the Survivors, a wildlife rehabilitation & conservation charity and Project Red, a UK based conservation charity have come together.

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Ford Wildlife Foundation supports Saving the Survivors

The Ford Wildlife Foundation handed over two new Ford Ranger bakkies to Saving the Survivors. The handover forms part of the Ford Motor Company of South Africa’s (FMCSA) commitment to the conservation and preservation of the environment in sub-Saharan Africa.

STS Staff

STS Team: Getting to know Dr. Zoe Glyphis

Learn more about veterinarian Zoe Glyphis and why she chooses to do what she does.

Rhino Poaching

Under a Poacher’s Moon

The moon has had an influence on Mother Nature and has set a certain kind of rhythm her inhabitants have marched to since the beginning of time.

Hope's Journey

Hope’s Story

It is still hard to believe that our beloved Hope is no longer with us, especially since she left so suddenly and unexpectedly.

Rhino Poaching

Seha – A day in the life of a rhino poaching survivor

Standing in the corner of the boma, Seha instinctively knew these two legged creatures approaching him weren’t the same ones that attacked him so brutally a couple of weeks ago.

Rhino Poaching

A world first for rhino poaching survivor Pablo

Pretoria – Nobody was paying attention to Pablo’s horn, worth thousands of dollars, or the ticks scuttling in the folds of skin between his hind legs.


STS to be working with Flying for Freedom

STS are proud to be working with Tokkie Botes from Flying for Freedom. He and the Flying for Freedom team do not do the glamorous wildlife jobs – they collect forensic evidence from carcasses in the hope that the evidence can lead to arrests.


Basic research on endangered species can be crucial

At Saving the Survivors it is very important to also do basic research on endangered species like rhino. Recently we did a CT scan on a newborn calf whose mother got poached and fractured her leg really badly.

Rhino Poaching

The stark Reality of Poaching

Although South Africa saw a slight decline in poached rhinos during 2015, down by a mere 40 animals, 2015 was unfortunately the worst year on record for rhino in Africa.

Hope's Journey

People Are Trying To Give The World’s Bravest Rhino Her Face Back

A victim of poachers, who hacked off her horn and half her face, she’s come to be called Hope, since hope is what was invested in her and her ability to survive.