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Why You Should Send Hope, Not Cards This Christmas

The average person spends over £50 on sending Christmas cards each year. Cards which within weeks, find themselves in the bin and forgotten about. This year, we’re urging our supporters to calculate the cost of purchasing greeting cards and postage and instead, send a message of hope this Christmas. Simply donate what you would normally


Elephant and Rhino Skin Suturing – An Update

The closure of large wounds in elephants and rhino is a substantial challenge for veterinarians.  This is especially true if there is no underlying bone that may be used to fasten dressings like elephant leather, which will protect the wound and keep it sealed for better healing.  The Saving the Survivors vets were the first


Lion Caught in Gin Trap

This young male lion, estimated at 18 to 24 months old, was discovered by game scouts carrying out an anti-poaching patrol on the Eastern border of Mozambique’s Official Coutada 9’s conservation area. He had been caught in a poachers gin trap and was in a bad way even though a healthy young lioness was with


STS Vets cross crocodile infested waters to reach elephant with brutal leg snare

The border police called ANAC about an elephant that was seen on the Incomati River very close to the South African border, dragging a tree that was caught in a cable snare. The Saving the Survivors wildlife rescue team drove to the location, met with a group of local people that had been following the

Rhino Poaching

Race against time to treat endangered pregnant rhino shot in poaching attempt.

STS Veterinary unit in Mozambique was called to assess a mature white rhino cow found in the South Africa – Mozambique Border with a severe limp and a deep wound potentially caused by a firearm. We quickly put together a rescue operation along with Sabie Game Park management and antipoaching team. The next morning after a


The Story of Cussy & Mickey

After spotting Dr. Johan, Cussy and Mickey ran straight over to the fence to say hello.   Cussy, our little white rhino, was abandoned by his mother at only 6 months old, in a large game reserve. We gave them two days to meet up. But after no signs of a reunion, we made the


GPS Collars Proven Vital After Crop Crisis

Dr. Joao and team sts were recently called out to a farm in the Panjane community. The previous night a group of 12 elephants destroyed 2 hectares and agricultural fields. The precious crops were the only food source that 3 families had. Everything was gone in less than 2 hours. Following this, team sts, with


Mourning Mothers Come Together After Losing Calves

You might remember two months ago, when 2 female white rhinos tragically lost their calves? This was due to two of the older bulls fighting. To prevent any further injuries Dr. Johan Marais and team sts were called in to relocate the bulls. Since then, the two mothers have been spending most of their time together. They


Remembering the Fallen for World Ranger Day

We stand with the rangers for #WorldRangerDay   Rangers are the first line of defence in Protected Areas. Additionally, they are devoted to safeguarding our Parks, landscapes and the wildlife they hold.   This day is a celebration of the committed and brave guards of the natural heritage, and their work. Today we commemorate and


Human-Elephant Conflict Solved in the Pajane Community

STS and partners take the first steps to address Human- Elephant conflict (HEC) in the Panjane community.   You might remember our recent post about the Human-Elephant conflict situation? A few weeks ago in southern Mozambique, a group of 8 elephants destroyed precious crops from multiple families, leaving the land near bare. After the first


Finding the Real Lion King

Last week, Dr. Joao Almeida from the STS Mozambique team, travelled to central Mozambique. There he was to deploy 3 GPS collars on lions living in Coutada 9. Coutada 9 protects 400,000 hectares of wilderness in a private-community partnership. This aims to re-establish the wilderness areas that provide key habitat for a number of important


Saving the Survivors Celebrates One Year of Dr. Joao Almeida

Hours of travel, 100’s of translocations, countless snare removals, numerous collarings, and endless lives saved. Saving the Survivors celebrates one year of Dr. Joao Almeida. Please join us in celebrating Dr. Joao and all of his tireless achievements for the benefit of wildlife conservation. We cannot do what we do without your support, please continue to