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Paul Naden

Paul Naden was brought up in a working-class family in Macclesfield. He later went on to become a successful businessman, with a focus on creating the world’s best finance company and in return, making millions. However, as he reached his goals, he learnt that the old adage was true, and money couldn’t buy his happiness.

Being fortunate enough to travel extensively he went on to discover his real passion and life’s purpose for conservation work. This was something that gave him a true sense of emotional fulfilment.

Paul threw himself into conservation work, initially setting up his own conservational charity, and in 2015 joining Johan as part of Saving The Survivors. This allowed Paul to pursue his mission in life to protect wildlife and leave a legacy inspiring generations to come.

Through his business and marketing background he is able to bring a business mindset to Saving The Survivors. This includes ensuring the operation is run efficiently and transparently, demanding a positive return on investment from every donation through evidence-based results with each and every project.

With Johan’s extensive knowledge and skills treating wildlife, and Paul’s background of business and marketing, teaming up gives Saving the Survivors the best chance to collect more donations and help even more vulnerable animals, overall delivering long term sustainable positive results for conservation.

Photo credit: Filip Agoo