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Arandu leather   

Arandu emerged as a family business in 1987 in Argentina, from the need that was seen in the federal capital for the presence of a saddlery that brings the best products linked to the activity of the countryside and its customs to the city.


This product, which is not just a product, but wisdom, history, custom; and which is characterised by being rooted in the roots of our culture, which already has more than two centuries of its own history. With 100% national materials, such as buffalo, capybara and cow leather, the finest sheep and llama wool, white metal, silver, alpaca and gold, stones, wood, among others.


The concept of their brand is artisan work, that which is made with one’s own hands and which has the particularity of being unique. In clothing, footwear, silverware, errands, saddles and in the more than 11 000 different items that you can find in their stores, they express the heritage with words.


We are grateful for their support of providing really strong leather, that we use to cover the massive poaching wounds and other large wounds often found in rhino and other thick-skinned animals.


You can visit the Arandu store HERE!