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Espero is more than just streetwear. Espero clothing is wearable species protection.
With Espero you get clothes that automatically protect endangered species. 25% of the proceeds of every single item go to projects for the protection of these species. Under each item in the shop you can see which project you are supporting with the selected item. After your purchase, your share will be deducted and donated to the partner project at regular intervals together with all the donations collected.
Currently Espero supports 8 partner projects, each with its own collection. From Europe to Africa to Asia. For the protection of lions, elephants, gorillas and many other animal species.
“25% of the proceeds from our “Espero” collection go to Saving The Suvivors to support them in their wonderful mission and daily work. We support Saving The Survivors because poaching is an existential threat to many endangered species. Through their on-the-ground rescue and education programmes, STS does invaluable work and represents everything we want to support with our Impact Startup.”
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