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Infinite Safari Foundation

In 2000 Alan and his wife Diane took their first safari in Tanzania. Upon seeing giraffes on their first game drive…well these magnificent animals had them at jambo (Swahili for Hello). That safari had a profound impact. In 2005 they returned to Africa, again as tourists, with Alan climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and then meeting up with Diane to track chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains. Then in 2008 Alan took his children to Africa. On that trip he became one of the first people to kayak off the coast of Tanzania. It was then that he had an epiphany. He wanted to share his passion with others by starting Infinite Safari Adventures.

Many travellers to Africa say they are changed forever by the safari experience. And Alan and Diane were no exception. Everyone was so kind and generous. As Diane said, they are “people who have nothing but are willing to give you half of it.”

After their first Africa visit, Alan met Patrick Papatiti who was to become his “Maasai Son”. Patrick had put his plans for an education on hold to take care of his family. His dream was to go to college. Alan funded Patrick’s college education which included not only a business degree but a Master of Business Administration. Today, after working for time with the Kenyan Parliament, Patrick now is the operations director of the Olgulului Community Wildlife Rangers, a successful anti-poaching unit in the Amboseli area of Kenya. And several years after Patrick’s graduation he assisted Alan and Infinite Safari Adventures in building a water well in the local Maasai community. Recently Alan became involved in assisting this same community which was suffering from a devastating drought. Alan contributed and privately raised funds to feed over 1500 Maasai in the community.

In 2023 Infinite Safari Foundation took two groups to the Marataba Conservancy to work alongside STS to sedate and collar Rhinos in an effort to prevent poaching. Read more about ISF here –