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Salvari Jewellery 

Euan Leckie’s simple idea to highlight how human and environmental factors threaten wildlife through challenging yet beautiful jewellery – and the stories that concept could tell – coupled with a desire to create solutions for a number of land, canopy and marine-based wildlife and environmental problems were the seeds that inspired the creation of the Salvari Brand.  Each unique Salvari piece tells a story about global environmental issues that affect the world we live in.  By wearing Salvari jewellery you’ll look amazing, help promote a message of change and fund vital global projects that make a difference.

STS is extremely grateful towards Salvari and Euan for their support, both financially and in aiding us in developing a unique and innovative tool to assist us in suturing the thick skin of elephant and rhino! {Pictured above}


You can see and purchase the beautiful Salvari products that support our work HERE!