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Craghoppers manufacture and supply all the kit you see our teams wearing. This is an enormous support to STS as buying kit for the team was a big expense, but now Craghoppers supply all the kit we need, for all our guys, free of charge! 

Craghoppers products are perfect to keep our teams safe and comfortable in our harsh working environment of the African bush. You can find all the same products worn by our guys here –

Back in 1965 when Craghoppers hit upon the idea of turning a passion for travel into a bona fide business, the team felt like they were embarking on an exciting and at times perilous trip into the unknown. Looking back it is clear that their perseverance paid off and Craghoppers is now recognised as a global outdoor and adventure travel specialist.

The world may have moved on in the last 56 years, but their mission today is the same as it was – to create comfortable and practical clothing ranges to help their customers stay on the trail for as long as possible. And every year, they get that little bit better. By introducing new designs, using the latest technologies, keeping sustainability at the heart of everything they do and bringing that special spirit of innovation, their products are more comfortable, lighter, more waterproof, insulating and sun-protective than ever before.

A massive thank you to everyone at Craghoppers from Team STS!