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Insimbi Legacy Projects

Our collaboration with SAVING THE SURVIVORS started as early as 2016. I spoke to Dr. Johan Marais over the phone asking for advise on collars. After discussing the pro’s and con’s for almost 30 minutes and not totally agreeing with each other and a mutual respect developed.

In 2017, We  decided to trim and collar our rhino  – Dr Johan Marais  and the STS team  came out at their own expense and trimmed horns and collared almost all our Rhino and having been doing so almost every 18 months since

It is not only the trimming and collaring that STS is involved in with us – we’ve had situations where we had to separate bulls, because in a space of one month, two bull calves were killed by another rhino (we can only suspect it was a dominant bull ensuring his bloodline continues). We have cried together and laughed together and this relationship has grown from strength strength and mutual trust.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise how blessed we were to have such a talented, passionate, skilled and experienced vet at the helm of the well being of our rhino.

Dr Johan is ALWAYS available to take my calls or reply to my messages (as long as he has signal on his cell phone), even if he is in the middle of nowhere.

We have no words to express our gratitude towards Dr. Johan Marais and the entire STS team.