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F10 Products

Health and Hygiene Pty Ltd has been manufacturing the F10 range of environmental disinfectants and animal infection control products since 1994.  The range is manufactured in a GMP and ISO9001 accredited plant in Roodepoort, SA and sold internationally into more than 36 countries.  The products are of the highest quality which is confirmed by the numerous registrations across the globe; these include Act 36 and NRCS in SA and FDA/EPA in the US.  Safety has been a key attribute in the development of the products and will always be of utmost importance – all safety and toxicity claims (in fact, ALL claims) can be validated by international accepted studies and tests by GLP accredited laboratories and these are all available in the public domain –

Both the environmental and treatment products have an important role in the well-being of our wildlife and we are passionate about supporting conservation efforts, especially those of endangered species such as rhino and pangolin.  This is done in various ways, from product donations to fundraising and creating awareness.  We remain committed to support the excellent work being done by the Saving The Survivors Team.