Baby orphan Rhino
Southern White Rhino

4 week old orphan baby Rhino

Orphan baby Rhino

A four week old orphan baby Rhino is spotted by rangers wandering the bush alone without his mother. The STS team are quick on the scene to assist and help the baby Rhino.

Our STS Veterinary assistant Dot rushes to the reserve to help take care of the baby. Dot has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in raising Rhino orphans. On arrival, she quickly establishes a correct feeding routine, making the Rhino settled and comfortable. Dot will remain by the orphaned Rhinos side 24/7 until he is well.

Sadly the mother is yet to be found, which is better sweet, if it were a poaching incident, the rangers would more than likely find a body, so the lack of a carcass would suggest the mother and baby are estranged. As the days roll on, with no sight of the mother, plans are made to move the baby to The Rhino Orphanage {TRO}. Here he will get the dedicated and long term care he requires.

Dr. Johan arrives at the reserve to oversee the transportation of the orphan by helicopter from the reserve to the orphanage. The baby is sedated during the flight, but awoke in the loving care of the staff at TRO.

This baby’s rescue, care and transportation is all funded and made possible by the generosity of our supporters. The Orphan will stay at TRO until he is a strong Bull and he can return to his reserve. Thank you to everyone who donated to this successful mission.

Why are Rhinos so important?

Rhinos play an important part of our ecosystems and without them these environments would not be the same. Rhinos are keystone species meaning they greatly influence their habitats. One way in which Rhinos do this is by wallowing in muddy puddles. This allows watering holes to stay open, allowing not only Rhinos but all species access to water.

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