Elephant calf

Abandoned Elephant Calf Found

The STS Team recently attended to this 6-week-old Elephant calf. We found that he was strangely abandoned by his herd, also in one of our national parks. The gait of his left hindlimb was abnormal. Therefore, we proceeded to take radiographs of the limb – not always so easy.

Luckily, the attending vet Dr Rogers, was on hand to give the little Elephant calf a sedative. It appears that the little bones in his joints are lagging behind in the normal ossification process. If he is kept fairly quiet, he should make a complete recovery.

One of our most noteworthy thanks go to Ford Wildlife Foundation for their ongoing support of Saving The Survivors.

Why are Elephants important?

Elephants are keystone species meaning they have great influence on the environments they live in. Elephants influence their environments by pushing over trees in savanna, keeping them open, allowing other species to thrive. They also help to keep watering holes open and fertilise the land.

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