poaching survivor
Southern White Rhino

Another successful treatment of a poaching Survivor

Saving the Survivors help another poaching survivor. This time, this beautiful Southern White Rhino bull was shot just in front of his left shoulder in a failed poaching attempt.

Together with the local vet, Saving The Survivors Dr. Johan took radiographs of the affected area. Fortunately the bullet did not hit any vital structures, but only damaged soft tissue and went straight through the massive body of the animal.

The poaching survivor was treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and he made a complete recovery.

It is important during these difficult times of COVID-19 and lockdown in several countries, to stay positive and look after yourself and your family. But our vets are still out there in the dust and mud of Africa, fighting for our wildlife. Thank you for your continued support to enable us to treat these iconic animals, even during this difficult time!

poaching survivorRhino poaching survivor

Why are Rhinos being poached?

Unfortunately, Rhinos are subject to poaching attempts due to the high commodity of their horns. There is particularly high demand for their horns in Asian markets, especially in China and Vietnam, leading to a high price. Rhino horns are popular traditional Asian medicines and also perceived as symbols of wealth. This is all despite their horns being the same materials as our fingernails, keratin.

It is important to remember that poaching usually occurs as a result of limited work opportunities and the premium price of the animals. Therefore, by poaching animals, people have more money to feed themselves and their families. Therefore, it is important to consider the social and politic dynamics of why poaching might occur. STS believe it is  important to engage local communities in conservation work in order to stop poaching and save wildlife.

With your support we can rescue every poaching survivor we are called to help.

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