Baby orphan elephant has died

Saving the Survivors, and partners, are extremely sad to report this difficult news. Despite all of our efforts, the baby orphan Elephant found in the Maputo Special Reserve (Mozambique), has passed away.

A combination of factors have contributed towards this sad news. We guarantee that our amazing team did everything possible to succeed. The laboratory results have not yet returned to confirm the cause of death. We believe it to be a bacterial infection in her lungs. This, and rapidly increasing weight loss was too much for the baby Elephant to handle.

It has been a great journey that pulled together people from across the world and from different backgrounds. It gave us hope for the future of wildlife conservation in Mozambique. The baby elephant left behind a legacy that will contribute significantly to endangered species conservation.

We would like to thank the dedication of all involved in this effort. Volunteers, institutions, individuals and supporters. They made it possible to give her a second chance.