Black Rhino

Orphan Black Rhino Calf found alone and in need

Today we received a call for a difficult case.
A little Black Rhino calf whose mother died unexpectedly is left in a reserve to fend for himself. At this young age, calfs are extremely dependent on their mothers for warmth, food and protection from predators. With the little calf all on his own, there is no question that he would not survive the next few days…
Due to the severity of the situation, reserve staff acted immediately, undoubtedly saving the calfs life. The decision is made to send the Black Rhino calf to an orphanage. Here he will receive proper care and monitoring from carers with years of experience in raising Rhino calfs.
Initially, the calf is treated normally. However, as the day goes on he unfortunately took a turn for the worst. He became very weak with a low blood glucose and low temperature.
The STS team together with the attending vet, Dr. N decided to keep him warm with a space blanket and extra layers. Dr. N expertly inserted an intravenous catheter in his ear veins to administer two drips. This includes the excellent Nutriflex that will supply him with much needed fats, electrolytes and proteins.
We will update you in the coming days on his progress……
Although every case we deal with leaves an emotional strain on us, there is something about an innocent little calf that makes these cases all the more distressing and difficult.

black rhino calf black rhino calf

black rhino calf

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