Black Rhino

Black Rhino with a painful injury

During the late 1960’s there was over 70,000 Black Rhino which roamed the African plains. Sadly, today there are a mere 5,000 Black Rhinos remaining. Therefore, it is extremely important to treat and save every Black Rhino in need in order to preserve the species.

Just before world Rhino day 2022 Dr. Johan and the STS team were called to assist with a Black Rhino. Park rangers witnessed the Rhino with an injury. The Rhino had an infected wound at the base of his back horn which required immediate care from our veterinarian team.

Team STS responded quickly by cleaning and treating the wound. DNA samples were also taken before collaring the Rhino and sending him on his way.

Collaring Rhinos is becoming more and more important in the fight against poaching to ensure their safety. The artificial intelligence monitors the Rhinos and reports any abnormal behaviour to rangers. This allows rangers to quickly respond to any perceived threats on the animal.

In typical black Rhino style, there was an explosive wake up! The Bull immediately rose to his feet and ran off in a flash! You can check out the full video on our facebook page here.

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