Blossom the Rhino

Blossom the Rhino Found Injured

Saving The Survivors was called out to this 2-year-old White Rhino heifer, named Blossom by the anti-poaching team, that was shot through her right frontlimb 2 days ago.

The bullet penetrated the joint, shattered some of the small bones and also caused a severe infection in the joint.

Drs Johan and Zöe left immediately on the 8 hour road trip.

However, Blossom the Rhino died within 10 minutes of us arriving. She was exhausted after trying to get up all night, and struggling to take weight on the limb. She unfortunately became another statistic in this terrible war!

Why are Rhinos victim of poaching?

Rhinos are targets to poachers due to their horns. There is a high demand for their horns on many Asian markets, therefore leading to high prices. Rhino horns can be found in traditional asian medicines as well as being symbols of high status. This is despite them being the same material as our fingernails, keratin.

There has been a sudden increase in poaching in Africa due to the increased demand for Rhino horns. This is due to almost all Asian species of Rhino being wiped out for similar reasons and the need for an alternative source. Sadly, despite efforts from dedicated rangers, African national parks are still suffering a loss of Rhinos, leading to an overall decline in species numbers.

Why are Rhinos so important?

Rhinos play an important part of our ecosystems and without them these environments would not be the same. Rhinos are keystone species meaning they greatly influence their habitats. One way in which Rhinos do this is by wallowing in muddy puddles. This allows watering holes to stay open, allowing not only Rhinos but all species access to water.

The act of wallowing also has a positive impact on the surrounding soils making them more fertile. This is due to the mud drying up on their skin and falling off in the surrounding environment. This mud is fertile alluvial soil which spreads far and wide with the Rhinos movements. This enriches soils allowing for flora species to thrive.

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