Elephant with Dr Johan

Ecstatic news for Elephants!

On the 12th of August, the world comes together to celebrate and conserve our remaining Elephants. This day acts as a reminder of the urgent plight of both Asian and African Elephants.

This iconic animal has incredible significance in many cultures globally. However despite this, the future of the Elephant remains uncertain. Future generations may perhaps never have the chance to witness their beauty and majesty.

The population of Elephants have decreased dramatically over the years. Today African savanna Elephants and Asian Elephants are classified as endangered and Forest Elephants are critically endangered.

As many as 10 million African Elephants roamed over the continent of Africa in 1930. However, due to countless decades of poaching and human conflicts, the population of African Elephants declined to just 415,000 in 2016.

Elephants face multiple threats from humans including wildlife crimes, primarily poaching for their ivory tusks and habitat loss from human expansion. An average of 55 African Elephants are killed every day as a result of the ivory trade. This has resulted in a steep decline of the species.

You can help to make a difference…

Though today’s situation seems bleak, we cannot give up on this iconic animal! There are numerous things we can do to turn back the clock and restore Elephants to their former glory! You can donate today to ensure our vets are always ready and equipped to save any Elephant in need. Whether this be an injury from a poaching incident or other traumatic incident, our vets need your help to save the Elephant from extinction.

Take a look at our survivor Mr F who fell in a ditch a ditch and broke his leg. Without your support and generosity Mr F would be yet another statistic lost in this harsh world. However, now this magnificent creature has the chance to live on and possibly pro-create. This is the true meaning of conservation and a true testament to the work we achieve together.

You can support our work by becoming a monthly or one-off donor. Donate here.

Elephant with broken leg

You can also help by taking part in lobbying your local government to influence their policies and decisions. One way in which you can do this is by raising awareness of the plight Elephant face and rallying for governments to becoming greener and more eco-friendly. Doing so will not only benefit you, but countless species around the world including the Elephant.

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