Take part in our 5km challenge to support STS!

Challenge yourself, support wildlife conservation and get an awesome medal!!

Africa’s vulnerable wildlife is under threat of extinction due to countless decades of poaching. With your donations we are able to reach more endangered wildlife which fall victim to these attacks and other traumatic incidents and offer them the medical support they need to survive. Every donation goes a long way in fighting for a future of these majestic animals.

Why not take part in one of our challenges to support Africas awesome wildlife, whilst also getting a wicked medal!

Run, walk, cycle, swim, skateboard! Whatever you like….

Enter the Saving The Survivors virtual 5km, just sign up, complete your distance and be rewarded with a beautiful bespoke Rhino medal!

Just follow this link to sign up –

STS 5km medalSTS 5km medal

How else could I give to Saving The Survivors?

You can donate today to help support Africas vulnerable wildlife. Every penny you give goes directly towards helping injured endangered animals and animals in need. You can become a monthly or one off-donor by clicking here.

You could support STS by taking part in a fundraiser! This could be a birthday fundraiser, a wedding fundraiser, or any other major life event!

Setting up a fundraiser for your birthday or other occasion is quick and easy. You can do this by using platforms such as facebook or justgiving. All donations are automatically gifted to STS so you can focus on celebrating your birthday!

Want to support Saving The Survivors another way?

Follow us on our social media and share our stories to give these vulnerable animals a voice. With your help we can raise awareness of the issues these animals face and make a change, creating a more positive future for them. Check out our other supporters views on facebook. Or check out our instagram here.