Dr. Joao collars 10 Lions in Central Mozambique.

Over the past week Dr. Joao working in partnership with Zambeze Delta Conservation and Anti-Poaching, collared 10 Lions over a 3 day period in central Mozambique.
The Marromeu complex, where the mighty Zambeze meets the sea, is home to a recently reintroduced Lion population after decades of absence from the region.
In a spectacular effort to restore the unique landscape, Zambeze delta conservation, the

Ivan Carter wildlife conservation Alliance and the Cabela family foundation, translocated
Twenty Four Lions to the region in 2018. Today the Lions numbers exceed 60 individuals.
Collaring Lions in this remote wilderness is critical to monitor post release success, dispersal, breeding and feeding habits and most importantly to maximise anti poaching efforts by strategically deploying rangers in “Lion hotspots”
STS are honoured to support these efforts with wildlife veterinary capacity and contribute to one of the most exciting and successful Lion conservation programs on the continent.