Dr. Johan Attends to Injured White Rhino

Searching for a needle in a haystack – that is what the STS team did recently. Dr Johan was called out to attend to a White rhino. It appeared this cow had an injury to her backside of unknown origin.



There are several rhino on this large reserve. We managed to see all of them, except this injured cow and her calf.  Eventually after 3.5 hours of flying trying to spot her, we managed to find her and the calf under a tree!

While she was immobilised and Dr Johan worked on the wound, the calf was kept at a safe distance by the reserve staff.  Due to oxpecker birds constantly irritating the wound and keeping it from healing, we decided to cover it with a bandage. We used the trustworthy elephant leather, sourced from a taxidermist.  Now the proud owner of a piece of elephant skin on her buttocks, we woke her up. We will monitor her in the weeks to follow to see how she responds to her treatment!

As ever, thank you to our partners at Ford Wildlife Foundation and Craghoppers.

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