Dr. Johan comes to the aid of a Young Bull with a nasty snare wound.

Snares are a real and present danger in reserves in Africa today. Tourists spotted a young Elephant Bull walking with great difficulty and a severely swollen limb. With the expert assistance of the local rangers, The STS team in South Africa Located the Bull a few days later in thick bush.

The gentle giant was swiftly immobilised by Dr. Johan and a typical cable snare was found wrapped tightly around the Elephants lower leg. An injury that sadly we are very familiar with.

The snare was removed and the wound cleaned and treated with medical grade honey to give long lasting, durable and natural defence against further infection. Once the Doctor was happy for the young male to return to the wild, he was woken up. He will still walk with some effort for a short time, but gradually the infection will clear up and the wound will heal.

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Thanks again to the invaluable assistance of the ever watchful Rangers!