Southern White Rhino

Dr Johan de-horns 11 White Rhino and fits new GPS trackers.

Last week we collaborated with two of our favourite conservation partners and two of the most amazing women in Rhino conservation.- Kennedy Zakeer and her Council of Contributors and

Carmela Lattanzi and her Insimbi Legacy Projects.
Dr. Johan and his new assistant “Dot” spent 2 days at Insimbi in South Africa, where they de-horned and fitted trackers to 11 endangered White Rhinos. Dr. Johan darted each of the Rhinos from the helicopter, immobilising them so that we could safely remove their horns and fit the trackers.
Dehorning is a measure taken to prevent Rhino poaching by making the individual less attractive to potential poachers, it has contributed to a notable decline in Rhino poaching and has proved successful in the past.