Southern White Rhino

Dr Johan treats Rhino with suspicious injuries

Dr. Johan rushes to treat an injured Rhino for a suspected poaching incident.
This Southern White Rhino cow was reported by field rangers to be suffering from wounds on both her hind limbs.
We darted her from the helicopter and on closer inspection it was clear that she must have been injured by a bull. Thankful that this was not a poaching attempt, we set about treating her.
Team STS clean and flush the wound, treating it with antibiotics. The team then wake her up. Reserve staff and rangers will keep an eye on her, however we are confident the wounds will heal well over the next 7 to 10 days. We will update you with any progress she makes.

Rhino Rhino

Darting animals

Sometimes it is necessary to dart only one of the Rhino in a group, to be able to work with this particular animal. By using a helicopter, Dr Johan can get a better view of the animal in need, and can easily follow them through the African landscape. Rhinos can run up to 50km/h so a helicopter is much better at following a wild Rhino!
However, when the other Rhinos get interested in what you are doing, at times it gets a bit uneasy and Dr. Johan has to make sure he gets out of the way asap!

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