Black Rhino

Essential Black Rhino protection in South Africa.

Last week we collaborated with one of our favourite conservation partners – The

Council of Contributors
We spent 2 days at a reserve near the Kruger National Park in South Africa, where we de-horned and fitted trackers to 6 Critically Endangered Black Rhinos.
Dr. Johan darted each of the Rhinos from the helicopter, immobilising them so that, with the help of the reserve staff and rangers, we could safely remove their horns and fit the trackers. On the first day we treated 2 Cows and a Calf and on the second day we treated a Cow and Calf and a Bull. When we immobilise Rhinos who have calfs like this, while sedated, we always bring the calf to the location of the mother, so that they can awaken together, reducing stress.
Dehorning is a measure taken to prevent Rhino poaching by making the individual less attractive to potential poachers, it has contributed to a notable decline in Rhino poaching and has proved successful in the past. Everything we can do to protect the fragile remaining population of Black Rhinos is so important, but our work is only possible with your support, please support us by donating.