Endangered mints NFT

Exciting new NFT partnership between STS and “Endangered Mints”

We are happy to announce a remarkable partnership with our newest major sponsor, Endangered Mints NFTs.

After many lengthy conversations and completing mutual due diligence, our respective organisations have joined forces to assure the long-term health and conservation of endangered wildlife.

 “We are very pleased to join in what can truly become a game-changing partnership. We are joining the talented business and photography experts of Endangered Mints NFTs. Endangered Mints has harnessed the huge power of dual cryptocurrency blockchains, Ethereum and Cardano, to help their community do well for themselves. Whilst simultaneously doing a great deal of good for the wildlife we love.

This creative and rewarding initiative has the very real potential to become a next-level fountain of life for the wildlife. This is what we have been fighting hard to protect for so long” says Tristan Wood, Director of Saving The Survivors. “This could be life changing. I truly hope our supporters will enthusiastically join us in this historic, new opportunity to make a massive difference.”

Justin Denham, founder and director of Endangered Mints NFTs says…

“It is a rare privilege for Endangered Mints to partner with Saving the Survivors. Our team admires STS’s work and are it is an honour to provide support. Saving the Survivors has built a sterling reputation world-wide for the delivery of expert medical treatment for injured and ill wildlife. Their  doctors are ready at a moment’s notice to go anywhere to face any situation to save lives.’

“The rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs provides us with previously unimaginable ability to make rapid and life-changing financial energy available where it is so desperately needed,” he continues. “How do we do that?”

“Firstly, we utilize a multi-chain platform to offer an incredible array of unique, luxury photography NFTs and valuable collector rewards. This will include exclusive private safaris in Africa with our award-winning photographer and conservationist, L. Craig Shelley, our Safari Lead and photographer Clint Ralph.

“Next, we donate 50%, or more, of every dollar of revenue directly to causes that are effective in conserving the world’s endangered species. This is why we are so happy to partner with Saving the Survivors, and their talented team of like-minded individuals. Together, we have the means to make a powerful statement and huge difference. It is a most worthy cause. Lives depend on it. Join us!”

Click here for more information on Endangered Mints NFTs.

How can I support Saving The Survivors work?

Remember that our work is only possible with your support. Please donate to ensure that we are always on hand to tend to Africa’s most special species. You can support our work by becoming a monthly or one off donor. Donate here.

Alternatively, follow us on our social media and share our stories to give these vulnerable animals a voice. With your help we can raise awareness of the issues these animals face and make a change, creating a more positive future for them. Check out our other supporters views on facebook. Or check out our instagram here.

Thank you from all of team Saving The Survivors for your continuous support!