Happy ending for Elephant calf.

Recently the STS team in South Africa responded to assist with an injured elephant calf. It was noted that the calf was trailing behind the herd and reports suggested the calf had an injury to the side of the head.
We assisted the local veterinarian who proceeded to dart the calf from the helicopter, and once down, the calf was stabilised and examined.
The little male calf seemed to be in a good condition and it turned out the injury was not too severe. With the herd watching, somehow knowing that these humans were there to help, the antidote was administered and after he woke up, he trotted off to rejoin his family again.
While this case was fairly straight forward, many are not. Please consider supporting our teams by donating whatever you can, so that we are always on hand, next time it could be a matter of life and death, and you could help ensure that our teams are ready to answer that call.