Southern White Rhino

Help us feed iconic poaching survivor Seha!

Seha (one of our iconic poaching survivors) has been enjoying his new home at Marataba Conservation Camps as a wild and free bull! This has always been a dream of the team STS and our supporters! We are thrilled to see him happy in a wilder environment.
However, since his relocation, it has become apparent that Seha has sadly lost his sense of smell. This was as a result of his horrific poaching ordeal a few years back.
We did suspect this, but could only know for sure once he was moved from his recovery enclosure to a larger home. This is because in the recovery enclosure Seha was fed daily, therefore did not need to forage for himself. Since he has been released to his new home, it is clear Seha cannot graze easily. This sadly suggests that he has lost his sense of smell.
Seha’s Rhino Shepherd “Joseph” noticed Seha had lost weight and was not able to forage enough nourishment to sustain his massive frame.
In order to keep our magnificent Bull fed and healthy, we have had to start putting out additional feed for him. Thankfully, this has had an immediate effect and we are happy to report he is back fit and healthy!
poaching survivor seha
However, this additional feed costs $300 every month. Can you help us to meet the cost of Seha’s extra feed? Please donate today to become a monthly or one off donor and to ensure we are able to meet this extra cost. Seha is a beacon of hope that his species will win the war against poaching.
Our work is 100% funded by public support. Please join our team and do whatever you can, no matter how small, you make this possible.

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