Lion with Gin trap injury shares chopper ride with Dr. Joao.

This was a young male Lion that had a tracking collar fitted, so Dr. Joao was able to fly directly to its location and dart him from the air.

The patient was in a very remote location where monitoring for security and post treatment recovery would be near impossible, furthermore without the support of a Pride, this young male would need extra care during his healing, so he was flown in the back seat of the helicopter to a holding enclosure (Boma) 25km away.

Once at the Boma, Dr. Joao operated on the big cat in the back of the 4X4, surgically amputating 4 toes, leaving him with 1 claw on the effected paw. Despite the severity of the gin trap damage, the prognosis for recovery is good.

With the support of our donors, this mission was a triumph! Dr. Joao was able to treat this Lion and the 2 from the previous post, he is confident that they should all be able to hunt, live and breed successfully.