Southern White Rhino

Hip Hip Hooray! Little Daniel turns three today!

Three years ago we welcomed Daniel to the world! He’s done some growing over the past 3 years!
The only Calf ever to be born of 2 Rhinos that had both survived poaching attacks, Lucky and Seha. This is a true testament of the success of Rhino conservation. Living proof that the work we are doing in Saving The Survivors is helping the fight for this species survival.
The bull Seha, is a rare survivor of a brutal poaching incident in 2016 and was saved by the Saving the Survivors after being found in a pool of blood. The female Lucky, was shot but managed to escape with wounds that did not affect any vital structures.
These two Rhinos came together and 3 years ago Lucky and Seha had a beautiful baby boy named Daniel. Daniel is still living with his mother “Lucky” and they are inseparable!
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