Southern White Rhino

Poachers shoot 2 White Rhinos.

Recently poachers gained access to a very well guarded reserve and shot 2 White Rhinos.
Sadly the female of the pair succumbed to her injuries. While the male was shot in the neck, the bullet fortunately missed all vital structures and he was able to escape with his horn and his life!
Although the bullet is still lodged inside the body he was treated by Dr. Johan, the wound was cleaned and flushed, then the Bull rejoined the rest of his Crash. We are confident he will make a full recovery.
Security on reserves is often a very difficult issue, as probably in more than 50% of poaching cases, info received comes from “within”, meaning from people working for the reserve. This makes it very difficult for the reserve staff and anti-poaching teams to effectively deal with threats and incursions.
STS will always support these reserves and we are constantly looking to assist wherever we can, to make these reserves more secure to protect our Rhino!