Southern White Rhino

Saving Wildlife: Seha travels to a more “Wild” life!

This is a day we have been working towards for 5 years : Sehawukele (Seha for short) moving from his paddock to a much larger reserve. This is a big step towards saving wildlife and the Rhino species.

What happened to Seha?

Attacked by poachers in 2016, 30 operations later, this prize Rhino bull is still standing. But life in a paddock, surrounded by humans is not the life Dr. Johan and our team want for him. He had to be wild, surrounded by females. He had to mate. We had to give him back his life. And the Rhino population needs his genetics.

The moving of Seha…

On Monday Seha was darted and carefully moved into his transport crate. There were tears as Seha’s crate moved out of the gate. His new life was beginning! A convoy followed the crate the two hour journey north.

When Seha arrived, he was sleeping. His tranquiliser was reversed and the rhino bull awoke! In a matter of seconds, he was on his feet, and reversing out of the crate with a clatter and into freedom!

Everyone watched as he stood for a moment, contemplating the bush, scanning in all directions, then confidently strode off into the bush.

Seha has been assigned a rhino shepherd, a man of the bush, who will follow him quietly, at a distance, making sure he is fine, checking on his wound when needed.

This morning, a team went out to find him. He had walked over two kilometers and was standing in deep bush, at the northern border of the property. He looked peaceful. The Rhino shepherd reported in: Seha has drunk, rested and has walked. Everything we would want.

What is next for Seha…

But there is one more piece of this freedom puzzle: when will Seha meet up with “the ladies”? They were released into the area a month ago. They don’t know yet that a prize rhino bull is headed their way. There is much anticipation for when he comes across them.

Seha’s freedom comes about as a result of people working together. It is a story of triumph, a conservation success story! With all the bad news, this is something to celebrate, it’s the correction of a terrible wrong, and the setting right of one beautiful life! It is a story of one brave creature going home. Thank you to all our supporters who have helped get Seha to this point over the past 5 years and to Baby Rhino Rescue for supporting this transfer and the 2 cows. We all now continue to support Seha and the cows in their life at Marataba Conservation Camps.

Thank you for all of your support, we are now one step closer to saving wildlife and creating a future for the magnificent species, the Rhino. Please consider donating today.