Southern White Rhino

Southern White Rhino Bull with a broken horn.

A huge White Rhino bull broke through two fences recently and got into a fight with some of the other Rhino. Unfortunately he damaged his front horn in the process and the reserve manager asked STS for assistance.
Last weekend we got a chance to immobilise him and examine his horn. Not only was the base of the horn infected, but also had maggots in one area. It is no wonder the oxpecker birds were worrying him continuously.
The maggots were removed and the base of the horn cleaned properly and flushed. We then proceeded to apply L-Mesitran Wound Care medical grade honey on the wound and cover it with dental acrylic, within a mesh of orthopaedic wire and screws.
We were lucky enough to be able to welcome some of our supporters to observe this procedure, as well as experience many other bush activities and take time to discuss our work with Dr. Johan and the team.
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