Spartacus the Black Rhino Has Died

It is with great regret that we have to announce that Spartacus has passed away.

A very sad day. Another rhino lost to the horrors of humankind, greed and poaching. This has certainly hit the STS team hard! We put in a huge amount of work and effort to save this Rhino, we gave him a chance, we believed there was hope! Sadly the injuries he sustained were just too severe and as the super sad video shows, he yesterday drew his last breath. We are all devastated. We need to find the energy and spirit to keep going! We will keep going but days like today we find very it very hard!

Thankfully with all your support and all the funds you provide us we save more rhinos than we loose (60-70%) However, losing this one has been exceptionally hard.

From Spartacus we want there to be a legacy for him. We have been working on plans for a while now. And after Spartacus we have decided we can wait no longer. Saving the Survivors is not only going to continue to try and save animals like Spartacus, we are going to breed them! Securely and safely. We are going to breed 10’s 100’s who knows maybe 1000’s of Spartacus’s. From his death we want there to be a light

There has to be a light. He can not die like this in vain
No matter how sad Saving the Survivors must continue to fight for every rhino.

Finally, thank you to Craghoppers and Ford WildLife who continue to support our work.