STS introduces new methods in Human Elephant Conflict.

As part of our ongoing commitment to education here you see 2 students in Mozambique, who are studying our Human/Elephant Conflict methods making “Elephant Repellant.” This is completely natural and works well in deterring elephants from entering a specific area.

Wildlife translocations, disease investigation, treatment of endangered species and research support are all components of the work STS is doing across Africa, but our main day-today activities are linked to one of the biggest challenges conservation faces: Human-wildlife conflict.

STS in Mozambique have begun testing new methods to deter elephants from raiding crops in critical wildlife corridor areas and recently collared another group of African giants involved in conflict in southern Mozambique.

The data from collars is crucial and will help Government to manage the landscape the elephants enjoy and ultimately save animal and human lives. Conservation has to be about coexistence.

We would like to thank our partners on the ground in Mozambique WildAid Administração Nacional das Áreas de Conservação Peace Parks Foundation & Elephants Alive