Poachers snares

STS Mozambique remove 22 poachers snares!

Dr. Isabel Almeida and Dr. Hugo are called to assist an area in the Reserva Especial do Niassa – REN where it had been reported that a Buffalo is caught in a poachers snare. Along withWildlife Conservation Society Vet and HWC Manager, Samuel Bilerio and Administração Nacional das Áreas de Conservação rangers, they headed to the location close to Lichengue village.

Upon arrival, no buffalo was found, probably because he was able to escape. Instead, the team found a line of trees making a fence where poachers arm snares and dig pitfall traps. The team removed a total of 22 poachers snares and uncovered many pitfall traps, making the area safe for wildlife.

The team report that the snares are actually electricity cable. This electricity cable was stolen by the poachers from a new electrical installation nearby.

Thanks to the work of our great team, the wildlife in this area are safer. However, snares are a very big problem in Africa and one of the deadliest methods of poaching used. This is due to the indiscriminate nature of snares as they capture any free roaming animal which falls upon them. Our STS team have witnessed countless brutal snare wounds on different species over the years. But, it is from your support that they are able to help these animals and endure the emotional strain of these horrific experiences.


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