STS Operate on 2 Buffalo Bulls

Saving the Survivors and a team from the ecology department of the University join the STS field veterinarian, to conduct the operation.

2 buffalo bulls were immobilized to collect biological samples. Additionally, measurements for a wildlife/domestic interface disease study. This is in partnership with the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM).

We darted the animals from a vehicle. In a matter minutes, the well-oiled team did the complex job of drawing blood samples, collect ticks, take measurements and monitoring the anesthetised buffaloes. Both animals recovered very well making this joint operation a success. 

STS is working in partnership with the National institutions in Mozambique. Providing the operational platform to conduct a number of research projects. Therefore, this would otherwise be impossible due to the lack of wildlife veterinary capacity.

This particular project aims at understanding the buffalo’s role in the transmission of diseases to community cattle. By gathering evidence on this matter, authorities will be able to make informed decisions on how to minimize the negative impacts of such diseases. Therefore, will improve the local communities perception. Additionally it will improve tolerance towards wild animals and conservation activities in general, at the same time.

Finally, thank you to our official sponsors Ford Wildlife Foundation & Craghoppers