Lion collared

Saving The Survivors support Lion research and protection

Dr. Johan and the STS team in South Africa support Lion research and protection in a National Park.

Researchers and wildlife management teams use tracking collars for an array of reasons. They are useful for recording behaviour, social patterns, and to track movement and demographics. More importantly, collars help teams pick up on poaching incidences, animals leaving from the confines of a reserve, and injuries from fighting, snares and predation.

Newer generation collars have been developed that will drop off at the end of their useful life, whereas older generation tracking collars have to be removed manually. Dr. Johan and the team in South Africa recently removed such a collar from a beautiful male Lion in one of our National Parks. The collar came to the end of its life and it was decided to be removed as it will serve no purpose in the near future.

Our veterinary support in these projects is vital for the advancement of Lion research in this case, and the protection of these endangered mammals. Thank you for your support in creating hope from hurt.

With your continued support, we can continue to collar animals, allowing us to learn more about their behaviour. This method has proven effective in saving both wild animals and human civilians by preventing potential human wildlife conflicts.

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