The New Big 5 Project.

Saving The Survivors are proud to be supporting the New Big 5 project. Please take a moment to like and follow this brilliant initiative!

The “original” Big 5 were the animals which hunters most wanted hanging on their walls. We want to make “The New Big 5” the animals everybody most wants photographs of on their walls!

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Johan Marais contributed this photograph and nominated his “New Big 5” as – Elephant, Black Rhino, Bongo, Western Lowland Gorilla & Aardvark.

He said – “My favourite animal to photograph is one that represents the key to the romance of Africa: the mysterious 100 pound Bull Elephant that most people will sadly never get to see.

I have travelled far and wide on the African continent since 1993 to search for and photograph these iconic Elephants. Probably the most thrilling experience is to be on foot with one of these old gentlemen, to stand in sheer awe at such a magnificent creation.

Gone are the times when these bulls were present in high numbers on the rolling savannahs and evergreen forests. These supreme lords of the wilderness have been mortally wounded; there are fewer than 40 of them still alive today, less than 0.01 per cent of the total remaining Elephant population.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen something even more remarkable: several Elephant cows with ivory touching the ground. That is truly a sight to behold.”

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