Rhino poaching skulls
Rhino Poaching

The stark Reality of Rhino Poaching

Dr Johan Marais examining skulls of poached Rhino – more than 100 skulls at this one outpost.

Although South Africa saw a slight decline in poached Rhinos during 2015, down by a mere 40 animals, 2015 was unfortunately the worst year on record for Rhino in Africa.  The amount of poached Rhino reached an all time high during 2015 with over 1300 rhinos killed for their horn.  Despite commendable efforts being made, we’re still a very long way from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Why are Rhinos victim of poaching?

Rhinos are targets to poachers due to their horns. There is a high demand for their horns on many Asian markets, therefore leading to high prices. Rhino horns can be found in traditional asian medicines as well as being symbols of high status. This is despite them being the same material as our fingernails, keratin.

There has been a sudden increase in poaching in Africa due to the increased demand for Rhino horns. This is due to almost all Asian species of Rhino being wiped out for similar reasons and the need for an alternative source. Sadly, despite efforts from dedicated rangers, African national parks are still suffering a loss of Rhinos, leading to an overall decline in species numbers.

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