Black Rhino

Update on our Black Rhino orphan

UPDATE : On the Black Rhino orphan calf who’s mother died unexpectedly in a reserve and he was left to fend for himself.
After relocating him to the Rhino orphanage the little Rhino began to take a turn in his health and became weak and wouldn’t eat. Everyone on site was extremely worried about the survival of the Rhino.
But luckily, thanks to excellent teamwork between the reserve and orphanage staff, the local Veterinarian and team STS, this little angel is back on his feet and feeding.
Although he still has a long way to go, the orphanage staff are there to keep a close eye of this one and ensuring he has everything he needs to recover. The staff will be there to watch over him until he has grown into a strong independent bull, ready to return to his natural home. We are certain he will make a full recovery.
The STS team will continue to check in on this little one, and update you with any progress.

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