Southern White Rhino

Update on our little Rhino orphan Kwayera

You may remember a few months back we rescued this little Rhino Kwayera who had been found wandering the bush alone.
For the first few days he was cared for 24/7 by our Veterinary Assistant and Baby Rhino Specialist “Dot”. This most certainly saved his life, before we could arrange for Dr. Johan to fly him to The Rhino Orphanage where he has been going from strength to strength ever since.
He now even has a new friend! A sheep named “Button”. Kwayera is still being hand fed by the amazing staff at TRO. It is hoped that he will follow Button’s behaviour and gradually move on to grazing.

Whats next for the little Rhino Kwayera?

Kwayera will continue to receive care from TRO until he is big and strong enough to be released into the wild as an independent, free bull. However, this eventuality is a long way off for little Kwayera. This is because young Rhinos are heavily reliant on their mothers (or foster moms in this case) for warmth, milk and protection.

Dr Johan and the STS team will continue to check on Kwayera, reporting back and updates. 

How can I help more Rhinos like Kwayera?

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in Kwayera’s rescue, as well as all the supporters who have donated towards his care with us and TRO.
You make this possible, it is your generosity that enables us to be there when wildlife needs us.
With your continued support, we are able to reach and rescue any animal we are called upon to help. Please consider donating today to support our work.
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