white rhino cow
Southern White Rhino

Update on White Rhino cow injured by bull

Earlier this month we reported on this beautiful White Rhino Cow who suffered from injuries to both her back legs, which we assumed were inflicted by a Bull that attempted to cover her. The reserve staff saw her recently and it looks like she has made a complete recovery after we immobilised and treated her!
Sometimes you just have to give Mother Nature a little push in the right direction, and She will do the rest….

white rhino cow

How did team STS assist the injured cow?

We darted the white Rhino cow from the helicopter and on closer inspection it was clear that she must have been injured by a bull. Thankful that this was not a poaching attempt, we set about treating her.
Team STS clean and flush the wound, treating it with antibiotics. The team then wake her up. Reserve staff and rangers will keep an eye on her, however we are confident the wounds will heal well over the next 7 to 10 days. We will update you with any progress she makes.

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