white rhino bull
Southern White Rhino

Update: one year on from White Rhino Bull split horn injury

About a year ago we treated a Southern White Rhino Bull that had split his horn and it had become infected.

The young Southern White Rhino bull damaged his horn at the growth area while he was in a fight with an older mature bull.  Unfortunately the horn split and became infected soon thereafter and the one horn became two horns.

To correct the horn growth, we cut off both front horns at the base, cleaned the infected area and rectified the problem using dental impression material.

Despite the cosmetic damage here, the infection could have proved life threatening.

How is the young bull doing now?

We recently went to check up on this Bull and we are happy to report that his horn is looking great and he is fully recovered from what could have been a life threatening injury.
He is casting the iconic Rhino silhouette once more thanks to your support and generosity.
Interventions like this are just another way that STS supports Rhino custodians in Africa. Having Rhino on your property is massive responsibility, they make your property and your family a target for poachers. Not to mention that Rhino care and the security required is a big financial burden. Thanks to your generous support we can provide our Veterinary services and lighten the load on these caretakers of the worlds remaining Rhinos.

     white rhino bull

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