Dr Hugo

Urban Spotted Genets taken to a new home by Dr Hugo

A few weeks ago the French Cultural Center in Maputo contacted Dr Hugo to help capture and relocate 2 spotted Genets. These Genets somehow established their territory in central Maputo, on the roof of this well known cultural centre.

Dr Hugo deployed 2 cage traps in the building and after a few attempts finally managed to capture the 2 elusive animals. After a rapid medical check up both Genets were taken to the 100,000 Hectare Maputo Special Reserve and released where they belong!

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Spotted GenetsSpotted Genet

What is a Genet?

A genet is a small mammal which shares some similarities to a cat. It is a slender cat-like body and whiskers, and a small head with large eyes and ears. They have distinctive coats with pale grey fur and darker, black markings. They are indigenous to Africa.

There are 14 different species of Genets, varying in their habitats and appearances. The spotted Genet is listed as least concern on the IUCN redlist, although the population trend is currently unknown.

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