Southern White Rhino

Worrying wound to a White Rhino Heifer.

A White Rhino Heifer was found on this private game reserve, unable to bear weight on her left hindlimb. She was most probably injured by the adult bull on the property.

The attending veterinarian called in STS Founder Dr. Johan to assist, x-rays were taken of the affected limb. A small fracture was diagnosed as well as a rupture of one of the main tendons of the hindlimb. Unfortunately the skin was also broken, making the fracture an open fracture with a high probability of infection and a worse prognosis.

However, the team decided to still take a chance and treat her by cleaning the wound, casting the limb so she could take weight, and giving her strong antibiotics for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks we will take off the cast and re-evaluate the wound, tendon and fracture, to see how she has responded to treatment.

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